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Palm Two Piece Set:


Knot Crop Top


High Waisted, Wide Leg Shorts


Jennifer (model) is wearing a small top, and small bottom.




Fabric is non stretch and requires you to choose a true to size option in sizing. The top will be larger enough to fit over your head, and there is extra fabric to tie in a knot at the front to fit your frame. If you have any doubts about sizing EMAIL US.


We recommend:


If you wear A cups, with a tiny frame: XS/S

If you wear B cups, with tiny frame: S

If you wear B cups with larger frame: M

If you wear C cups, with tiny frame: M

If you wear C cups with larger frame: L

If you wear D cups with, tiny frame: L

If you wear D cups, with larger frame: XL

If you wear DD cups with tiny or large frame: XL


Please note: This is the full set, you will recieve both the top and bottom when you purchase this option. To buy either just the top or bottom please go the subsection labeled T O P S & B O T T O M S.


  • Please wash in cold water or hand wash.

    Air-dry this material. 

  • Rayon Crepe